Sports Psychology (Mind)

Clay Frost - Mental Training Coach

“Everything I do is geared towards high performance and helping my clients and teams reach their highest possible level of success. I am results-oriented and process driven. I work to aid in developing greater confidence, improving focus, controlling emotions, increasing motivation and developing mindsets that will help them perform their very best. I do this by leading my clients and teams to acquire the correct skill sets that will give them more convincing, consistent and frequent high performance results.”

“Mind” Camps

All Sport Psychology camps will meet once a week for 4 weeks and each session is 60 minutes.


  • How to Fail
  • Attitude and Effort
  • Mindset
  • Competition



  • Mindset and Failure – Learn the difference between a growth mindset and closed mindset; also, how to fail and why failure propels you to success.
  • Emotional Control and Focus – Learn how to control your emotions, how to deal with pressure, where you place your focus and how to improve focus.
  • Self-Talk – Learn what to say when you are talking to yourself.  Turn negative and unproductive thoughts into positive action.  
  • Imagery – Learn how to see yourself succeed.
  • PPMR – Put it all together before the performances that matter most.  Prepare the mind to perform!

Team Camp: Bring your whole team!  Contact us about pricing.



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